Sexy chunfaces, everywhere. 


Sexy chunfaces, everywhere. 


A post dedicated to DBSK, and why their entrance into the Japanese music market is damn respectable.

1. DBSK/TVXQ becomes Tohoshinki in Japan, because they’ve accomplished so much in their Japanese activities that they actually earned a damn Japanese group name of their own. It’s like they…

" TVXQ - All five of them! " Best post ever. <3 



I had this information in a previous post but I decided to move it here given that there are some updates.

I was informed by a Chunsa herself that 8 to 10 fansites for Yoochun contacted C-JeS directly for their…

“I know what the TVXQ members are grieving over what has transpired recently. This is a real shame and I hope everything can be resolved in a manner in which neither TVXQ nor SM are hurt over this.

(About the legal battle between SM and DBSK) “It’s hard to choose a side and it’s hard to determine who’s right or wrong. I cannot give an opinion about it. However, I believe artists need to stand up on stage. I hope they don’t lose their will and determination as artists. They should be thinking about their fans more than anything else.

Back then, TVXQ were so cool and talented that it was frightening. To see them from that high point to the current situation that they’re in is really sad. At that time I would’ve never imagined that this would’ve occurred.

When Shinhwa can regroup one day in the future, as one, we want to stand together with TVXQ on stage. I really want to see TVXQ come back again.”

Andy (Shinhwa) in 2009 (via trollfaceforlife)
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TVXQ! as a group can not exist without even one of our members. Our song is not complete if it’s not five. Our songs are complete, when all five of us sing together. If we don’t make the harmony of all five, it can’t make the sound of TVXQ! Only three of us, or four of us, can not bring TVXQ! into being and there won’t be good songs anymore. TVXQ!’s music is built upon the teamwork of all five of us.
Kim Jaejoong (via koyang-i)
Patin Place, my kampung food @ Batu 14, Puchong


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I decided to drop by Patin Place to try out the food since it’s quite near my place. Interesting thing is that the whole area is quite dead with no commercial brand shops around besides some kopitiam and some traditional chinese shops. Suddenly this appeared out of no where! It’s refreshing to see something new and modern hitting batu 14 shophouses and it’s about time too. 

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